The Mask Behind The Mask

“..and the strongest and most daring one, will get rid of it.”

∞ All photos and content © Vaia Daldis ∞

About Self Portrait Photography

∞ All photos and content © Vaia Daldis ∞

I would like to say a few things about my “self-portrait photography” following the messages I am receiving from people asking me about it 🙂

Question #1 – Is it you behind the camera?

Yes, it’s me.
If another photographer takes pictures of me I am always mentioning their name and giving credits to!
So, for as long as you see no other name being mentioned then you will know that the phantom of myself is doing the job 😋

Question #2 – What is your equipment?

I use my Nikon D750 and most of the times my 50mm 1.8f lens.
There are lots of tools that I am missing and some of them are pretty necessary but! I try to overcome the obstacles and instead, replacing them with creativity and patents (why not?) 😅 I hope tho, that I will soon be adding tools that I need because YES, equipment does matter in my opinion.

Question #3 – Why do you take self portraits?

Well, here’s a lot to say but I will try to explain myself shortly;
Most of the times – if not always – I work spontaneously. Which means, once I come up with an idea I have to create it at once. Otherwise it disappears – just like a soap bubble 💦 And who’s available on those instant moments? Probably only me 😂

Another reason that I mostly pose in my photos, it is the fact that not everybody wants to do things like wearing silly stuff on their head or having blood on their clothes or whatever. To me is more than fun doing all of that – besides, I do not consider myself as a professional model (and actually I am not).

The last reason of why myself is being captured by myself and vice versa, it is the most important one and the most “artistically oriented”  I could say;
I express myself. My thoughts, my emotions, my imagination. Many times it is difficult to describe in words what’s on your mind – more so when you need your model to represent what *you* feel.

So that’s all, my candid truth and I am very happy for having the opportunity to talk and interact with people who are interested in my work 🙂

Thank you all, so much!

I am willing to become a better photographer, a better story-teller, a better editor and a better person.

Vaia Daldis